we’ve had new renders and information about the upcoming Apple iPhone 12 and I’ll be sharing with the details right

so as we approach the launch of the Apple iPhone 12 but we’re starting to get many leaks reports in rumors come forward we’re also getting some interesting design from many concept artists and renderers and today I’ll be going through everything we know so far

the iPhone 11 didn’t bring too many improvements from the predecessor apart from a more powerful chip setting camera so many are hoping for change the first thing to mention is one thing that we haven’t had leaked yet is the name what we could see a radical change at we’re going to assume for this video that it’s called the Apple iPhone 12

we’re expecting to get four new iPhone 12s in the range at which will be two different Apple iPhone 12s the iPhone 12 Pro and of course the iPhone 12 pro max

we’re expecting Apple to increase the display size on most of the models although those who want to smaller display it will still get the option reliable analyst Minji Kuo his advisor there’s going to be two versions of the iPhone 12 the smaller iPhone 12 will have a 5.4 inch display whereas the larger iPhone 12 will have a 6.1 inch will then get a 6.1 inch display on the iPhone 12 Pro and a 6 point 7 inch display on the iPhone 12 pro max

unlike last year however all models are reportedly gonna use an OLED display and resolutions are of course gonna differ across the range the 6.1 inch Apple iPhone 12 is likely going to have a lower resolution than the 6.1 inch iPhone 12 pro

more there are many rumors of Apple removing the knotch I really can’t see this happening in typical Apple fashion we’re still expecting a full screen display with a knotch top center it’s too early for in display camera senses and I can’t see Apple going for a punch hole

they also need a time-of-flight sensor on the front for the 3d face unlock while Apple ditched a fingerprint scanner with the iPhone X there were reports that live it’s finally coming back in the form of an in display fingerprint scanner

there were a report suggesting that Apple are also going to be increasing if the refresh rate on the latest displays or most phones of to a sixty Hertz display this has been changing recently and Apple are also joining in with this trend

at this stage we don’t know if they’re gonna be offering 90 Hertz 120 Hertz or even a mixture of the two across their range when it comes to the rear of the device were expecting a similar camera setup to last year but the more premium models we’ll have more cameras

Ming Chico again advised that both the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 pro max are going to be adding a time-of-flight camera to the rear for those unaware a time-of-flight camera is essentially a 3d depth camera and then what app will use on the front for their 3d face unlock

the time-of-flight sensor on the rear will use a slightly different technology that allows it to map 3d objects from further away this will significantly improve augmented reality application and allows for improved portrait style photo and video effects

will likely see slight upgrades on the iPhone 12s other cameras but given the great performance its predecessor had that they won’t want to change things too much reports are suggesting that the two budget models of the iPhone 12 are going to have a dual camera setup or the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 pro max are going to have a quad camera setup with the inclusion of this 3d depth camera

the iPhone 12 will of course be powered by the new a 14 Bionic chipset this is actually manufactured using five nanometer lithography which will bring significant improvements and there’s a good chance it’s going to be the first 5 nanometer chipset to hit the market

when it comes to RAM the iPhone 12 pro max is expected to come with 6 gigabytes of RAM or the standard iPhone 12 will only contain 4 this is something that Apple do well compared to Android manufacturers that will they throw in unnecessarily large amounts of memory causing the consumer to pay for memory that they just don’t need

when it comes to the storage we’re expecting a choice of 64 256 or 512 gigs of internal storage on the iPhone 12 for the first time ever consumers felt that Apple did a great job in prioritizing the battery life on the predecessor so hopefully that’s something that’s going to continue with the iPhone 12

while graphine batteries are still out of the question in 2012 we can expect the 5.4 inch iPhone 12 to be around 2800 milliamp hours capacity the 6.1 inch is expected to be 3150 the six point seven inch iPhone 12 is expected to contain around of 4,300 milliamp hour capacity

one thing that is a little unknown at the moment is of course the 5g connectivity Apple are very behind when it comes to 5g thanks to the early issues they had with Qualcomm so we’re unsure at this stage if it’s something we’re gonna see in the iPhone 12 it is rumored that the iPhone 12 is gonna come with 5g but there are no leaks all reports to back that up

the old phone 12 will of course be IP 68 water resistant and it will ship with iOS 14 now when it comes to pricing we of course want lower pricing on the Apple iPhone 12 but it does seem unlikely we did however have this with the predecessor when the base iPhone actually came out cheaper than the previous XR so it’s not impossible just not likely

unfortunately material prices have increased this year so I expect the
smallest 5.4 inch iPhone 12 to launch about 750 dollars or 800 pounds the 6.1 inch iPhone 12 should be around $900 or 950 pounds the 6.1 inch iPhone 12 pro should be around 1050 dollars or 1100 pounds and finally the 6 point 7 inch iPhone 12 pro max should be $1200 or 1,250 pounds

of course is not all about specs and will likely see new software
features or improvements to the current features in iOS 14 the iPhone 12 is set to launch in September as always and it’s always around the second week so we can expect to see the iPhone 12 range on either the 8th of September or the 15th of September and of course the iPhone 12 will actually release ten days after that event of course being so far away these are leaks and rumors but if more information comes to light I’ll be sharing with you guys straight away

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