Full Form of NGO | What is the Full Form of NGO?

Full-Form of NGO is also known as Non-Governmental Organization. it’s is a non-profit, a group of volunteer citizens created to address issues such as society, children, the poor, and the environment. This is not a government or traditional for-profit business. NGOs are founded by ordinary people or local citizens of the country. And after that these people are registered The NGO in Government or state.

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In this article, I will explain to you the Full Form of NGO. This can be done at the community level, city level, national level or international level. These non-governmental organizations are also called non-profit organizations (NPOs). NGOs cannot “own” or distribute profits or income as dividends. They bring back the profits they get from their operations or spend on appropriate non-profit activities. Typical sources of income for running an organization are donations from unilateral and multilateral agencies, membership fees, other resources, and dividends on interest and investment.

Full form of NGO

Types of NGOs

There are several types variants, including:

  • BINGO: This is the Business Friendly
  • CITS: This is NGO which help young people
  • CSO: This IS NGO for Civil society
  • INGO: Is also one of the famous

To Donate NGO

Bank name:
First Century Bank

Routing (ABA):

Account number:

Account type:

Beneficiary name:
Abdul Hayee

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