This past Tuesday, the NBA’s LeBron James created quite a scene and angered millions when he angrily walked off the court during the playing of our national anthem. This was his ‘protest’ it seems, the next stage of disrespect that began with kneeling in the NFL.

Now James is stepping it up even more. Yesterday, Joseph Barron, Esq., a  lawyer for James hand-delivered a letter to the offices of the NBA advising them of his client’s intention to end his basketball career if the anthem were to be played in his presence ever again. The text of the ultimatum, written by LeBron himself, is below:

“Dear NBA,

The Star Spangled Banner is an offense to people of colour across America. To have it played before the games of the greatest player this league has ever known – ME – is hugely insulting. It shows me that you do not respect your star. And this after all I’ve selflessly done for you.


You owe me. I saved this league and I can take it down. My departure now – when there is nobody close to equalling me ready to take my place -would devastate earnings. If I hear that crappy tune again, I’m done. I will walk away from the NBA forever. No playing, no coaching, no commentating. I will be history and I’ll take all the fans I brought in with me.

It’s either the song or me.



LeBron Earnest James”

There us no question that James’ departure would affect the league but he thinks far too highly of himself. Most basketball fans don’t back traitors to the flag. Just go LeBron. The NBA will be better off without you.


POLL: 82% Of Americans Say Trump Needs To Eliminate Welfare For Illegals – Do You Agree?

In a recent Rasmussen poll, 82% of the American voters have agreed with President Trump’s previously suggested policy, which would restrict new U.S. immigrants from receiving welfare for at least five witching entering the united states.

Most of the master voters are really working-class Americans gaining from 30 thousand to 50 thousand dollars, with 72% in support to eliminate welfare for illegals. Indeed, even certain subjects who see themselves as “moderates,” have indicated bolster with a 61 percent rate. The Rasmussen survey demonstrates that U.S. nationals will acknowledge settlers if in actuality the foreigners are prepared to work with no advantages or gifts.

A bewildering 76 percent of the voters remained on the possibility that the individuals who look for welfare should initially demonstrate they are an American subject and that they are here lawfully. Then again, just 17 percent of the voters contradicted this thought.

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